Sunday, 12 April 2015

Goa is a holiday destination not only for the beach lovers and adventure seekers but also for the enthusiasts of the heritage and culture. There are several marks and monuments exhibiting the treasure of Goan history. If you have early taken a beach tour and imagining for experiencing something different in the beach land, heritage Trip to Goa will be the excellent idea to consider for your next vacations. You can customize your Goa tour packages to include all destinations what you are interested in seeing. Go Goa and indulge into a sojourn and discover its rich heritage by taking a trip to these destinations.

1. Old Goa
Old Goa has found a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site to being the house of diverse magnificent churches and cathedrals. The former Portuguese capital of the region before Panjim, a trip to old Goa will bring to you many Archeological Museum, Portrait Galley as well as give you a glimpse of the alluring architectural beauty of Hindu Temples.

2. Fort
  • Goa has well-preserved seventeenth-centuries Portuguese Fort named "Aguada". Overlooking the Arabian see, this fort is located next to the Candolim beach and popular to have the lighthouse as well. There are some other rugged forts scattered along Goa’s coast and rivers such as Chapora Fort, Reis Magos Fort, or the Teracol Fort, you must pay a visit during your heritage trip in coastal country.

3. Fontainhas
Fontainhas in Goa is the heritage area and the India’s only Latin Quarter where the influence of Portuguese still easily witnessed. Located just about 1 km far to the capital city of Panaji, a journey to the narrow streets and tile-roofed houses is the best discovered on foot and feels like a walk in the pretty street in a European city.

4.   Houses of Goa museum
If you are a fan of Goan Architecture, you can’t miss a visit to Houses of Goa museum. This museum stands out for its ship-like appearance that was created by a well-known local architect Gerard da Cunha. This heritage building illuminates the history of Goa architecture and illustrates the beauty of Indo-Portuguese Houses of Goa.

5. Chandor

Chandor is a small village in South Goa and it is situated on the banks of the river Kushavati. You will explore the lavish lifestyle of colonial Goa’s land-owners. Chandor once get the international repute due to being the great capital, where trade and commerce flourished. 


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